• Project description: To ease the process of extending novel functional model(FM) and timing model(TM) in full-system multi-core simulators, we investigate a loosely-coupled functional-driven framework with architecture-independent interface between FM and TM. To guarantee cycle-accuracy in the loosely-coupled design, a comprehensive analysis of FM/TM divergence is presented and lightweight solutions are provided to resolve the divergence. Parallelization will be efficiently applied to accelerate the simulation speed as interleaving will be known before TM.

Architecture Research for Multimedia Retrieval Algorithms

  • Project description: Multimedia data, such as image and video, has become one of the most popular data types being processed every day. Due to the prevalence of multimedia retrieval applications and their prohibitive execution times, it is necessary to understand their performance characteristics for evaluation and optimization. To achieve this goal, we build up MMRBench, a public available benchmark suite containing representative state-of-art multimedia retrieval applications, including original version, our implemented POSIX version (thread-level parallelized) and map-reduce version (task-level parallelized). We also do study on these applications about their architectural characteristics as well as other performance related analysis such as input sensitivity, memory/computation intensity, floating operation sensitivity and potential thread-level parallelism. Based on the suite of MMRBench and automatic tools we provided, it is easy to construct a real multimedia retrieval system or do research on related architecture, such as system evaluation, architecture design and accelerator.