Haojun Wang

Senior Student
Parallel Processing Institute
Fudan University


wanghaojun at fudan dot edu dot cn



ROOM 319, Software Building, 825 Zhangheng Rd, Shanghai, China


About Me

I am a student majoring in Software School,Fudan University. I entered the Architecture Group of the Parallel Processing Institute in October in 2010. I am in the simulation team and now I am in the course of the foundation training. I like reading, cartoon, basketball and so on.



2008.9 ~ 2012.6  B.S. in Software School, Fudan University


Research Area

Computer Architecture, Debugging


Selected Recent Publications

  • Weihua Zhang, Shiqiang Yu, Haojun Wang, Zhuofang Dai, Haibo Chen. “Hardware Support for Concurrent Detection of Multiple Concurrency Bugs on Fused CPU-GPU Architectures” To appear in IEEE Transactions on Computers. (TC)
  • Weihua Zhang, Haojun Wang, Yunping Lu, Haibo Chen and Wenyun Zhao. “A Loosely-Coupled Full-System Multicore Simulation Framework” To appear in IEEE Transaction on Parallel and Distributed Systems. (TPDS)
  • Zhuofang Dai, Zheng Zhang, Haojun Wang, Yi Li and Weihua Zhang. “Parallelized Race Detection Based on GPU Architecture” 2014 Annual Conference of Advanced Computer Architecture (ACA 2014, Best Paper Award).
  • Zhuofang Dai, Haojun Wang, Weihua Zhang, Haibo Chen and Binyu Zang. “Hydra: Efficient Detection of Multiple Concurrency Bugs on Fused CPU-GPU Architecture.” The 43rd International Conference on Parallel Processing. (ICPP2014)
  • Haojun Wang, Qinghao Min, Weihua Zhang. “RPSim: A Rapic Prototyping Full-system Simulator jfor SoC Software Development.” The 9th IEEE International Conference on Networking, Architecture and Storage. (NAS2014)