Yi Lu

Master Candidate
Parallel Processing Institute
Fudan University


yil at fudan dot edu dot cn



ROOM 319, Software Building, 825 Zhangheng Rd, Shanghai, China


About Me

I’m now a graduate candidate in Software School, Fudan University. I enjoy computer system science very much, thus I’v participated in the Parallel Processing Institute. Now I am in architecture group and my research area is about computer architecture, including simulator acceleration, software debugging and phase analysis. I do really learn a lot here, which can inspire me.



2010.9 ~ present Master in Software School, Fudan University
2006.9 ~ 2010.6 B.S. Joint Degree of Fudan University & UCD(Ireland)


Research Area

Computer Architecture, Simulator Acceleration,Software Debug,Phase Analysis


Selected Recent Publications

Zhenman Fang, Qinghao Min, Keyong Zhou, Yi Lu, Yibin Hu, Weihua Zhang, Haibo Chen, Jian Li, Binyu Zang. “Transformer: A Functional-Driven Cycle-Accurate Multicore Simulator.” to appear in the 49th Design Automation Conference (DAC 2012). San Francisco, USA, June, 2012.