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Shiqiang Yu (余时强)

ASCII Senior Student
Parallel Processing Institute
Fudan University


10302010033 at fudan dot edu dot cn


Room 320, Software Building
825 Zhangheng Rd, Shanghai China, 201203

About Me

I am now a junior student majoring in Software Engineering, Fudan University. I am interested in Linux kernel, I think it’s a beautiful design in Computer Science. So I attend the Parallel Processing Institute with expectation to learn more about architecture of Computer System.


  • 2010.9 ~ present undergraduate in Software School, Fudan University
  • 2010.9 ~ present B.S. Joint Degree of Fudan University & UCD(Ireland)

Research Area

  • Computer Architecture
  • Debugging

Selected Recent Publications

  • Weihua Zhang, Xiaofeng Ji, Bo Song, Shiqiang Yu, Haibo Chen, Pen-Chung Yew, Tao Li, Wenyun Zhao. “VarCatcher: A Framework for Tackling Performance Variability of Parallel Workloads on Multi-core” To appear in IEEE Transaction on Parallel and Distributed Systems . (TPDS)
  • Weihua Zhang, Shiqiang Yu, Haojun Wang, Zhuofang Dai, Haibo Chen. “Hardware Support for Concurrent Detection of Multiple Concurrency Bugs on Fused CPU-GPU Architectures” To appear in IEEE Transactions on Computers. (TC)
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