Welcome to ICTCI 2010

Cloud computing redefines ways for storing and processing information toward a model of that more and more amount of information is getting permanently stored and processed in large data centers of shared server infrastructure. This fundamental paradigm shift has given rise to new trust and security challenges for protecting users’ information when it is no longer under direct physical control of the users. Data availability, integrity and confidentiality, trustworthiness of shared computing and storage resources, isolation of the user computing space in a virtualized data center, and IT regulations such as governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC), etc., all become more complicated in this context and face new vulnerabilities. These challenges invite not only research for better understanding but also innovation for novel solutions to emerging problems. This 4th International Conference on Trusted Cloud Infrastructure (ICTCI 2010), which is a sequel to 3rd Asia-Pacific Trusted Computing Infrastructure Technologies (APTC 2008 http://grid.hust.edu.cn/aptc08/), will provide a forum for presentation of research results and  experience reports on leading-edge issues in trust and security for cloud computing. ICTCI is also a sub-forum of United Nation Sponsored "1st Global City Informatization Forum".

 The conference will be held at Shanghai Knowledge and Innovation Community

Excursion Program

The conference will organize an excursion program
to tour WorldExpo 2010, on Sep 27.